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Packing Tips & Requirements

How to pack for an interstate move

Packing Tips and Recommendations

Packing Tips and Recommendations

Getting organised to Packs

Packing is on the most important yet tiresome parts of moving interstate. It’s a good idea to get an understanding on how to pack properly before the interstate removalists turn up. This will help you minimize the risk of damages to goods and possibly extra fees. We will go through some packing tips and recommendations that will help you start the process of your interstate removal.

Pack one room at a time

Getting all your belongings organised one room at a time is a perfect way to start. You may want to start in a spare bedroom or study room. You will want to pack least used items first. When its time to unpack you can leave these boxes and items until last to unpack. Clearly label all boxes and follow the removalist advise when labelling in case you get an interstate backload. You could also use a spreadsheet detailing items for each room or box you know where everything is.

Find cheap moving boxes and supplies

You can find moving boxes from most interstate removal companies. You should also find cheap packing materials such as, butchers paper, bubble wrap and packing tape. If you have old rags you will not need, these can be used to cover and wrap things before placing them into boxes. It’s important to pack all fragile items into boxes using butchers paper and bubble wrap. Label fragile boxes as fragile for the interstate removalist. There are three main box types to use for different items. Book cartons are perfect for books, they are slightly smaller then standard cartons. Standard cartons are good for a variety of items.

IPacking tips and Recommendations