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Across Country Moves the Easy Way!

All aspects of moving home across country should be carefully considered. Understanding what you need moved, packing, dismantling, and choosing the right cross country moving company. A moving company like Interstate Removal Company helps all our customers by providing advice, tips and extra services that may be needed with your cross-country move. Such as pre-packing services, cheaper backloading removal services and the careful consideration of speciality items that need to be transported long distances across country. Home moves across country or even long-distance haulage of furniture items, equipment, and other goods from one part of Australia to another requires a certain number of skills. To manoeuvre and load, secure and transport in a way that ensures the best possible outcome. It’s always a good idea to at the very least consider a cross country moving company like removalists or furniture movers. Choosing the right cross country moving company will depend on the locations you want to have your goods moved from and to. Some of us have moved across country move than once and some are just learning about what needs to be done before, during and after as they go through their first cross country moving experience.

cross country moving tips

Tip 1: Say goodbye

Moving cross country will be so much easier if you say goodbye to all the things you don’t need! The average Australian family will keep a lot of things they don’t need or have just forgotten about. Six months to a month before your first cross country move, go through your current house very carefully and think about what you don’t need or don’t use anymore. Organize your items as you can into three piles- keep, donate, or sell- and act appropriately. This will save you and the interstate removal company a major headache with your first cross country move!

Tip 2: Take stock

Moving across the country is very different from moving across town- there are heaps of miles between your original destination and your new house, and you may misplace things on your flight or in your drive! This is one of the reasons you want to hire an interstate moving company to help with your first cross country move, but before you do that- take stock of everything you own. Write it all down under different categories on a checklist, either on your computer or with pen and paper, or label all of your boxes and keep a list of everything in the box. Every interstate moving company will need to know the size of the load to give an accurate quote, and this will help expedite the cross country moving process tremendously.

Tip 3: Hire an interstate removalist company

It would be great to pack up all of your items in your own car and move- but for many Australian families, that’s just not an option. There’s too much stuff, and it’s all very valuable- from furniture to appliances to clothing and everything in between. The right interstate removalist company will help you from start to finish, pack efficiently and with care, and give as accurate as possible an estimate for your delivery date for your first cross country move.